BASSANO 09⎮2018

BASSANO 09⎮2018

BASSANO 09 2018: Furnishing for an important bathroom.

BASSANO 09 2018 | Alpemadre Collections

The Bassano 9 composition represents a complete and visually impactful solution for your new high-quality bathroom. The centerpiece of this composition is the spacious countertop, which houses an integrated sink.

The countertop rests on a veneered cabinet made of evaporated oak, consisting of three elements arranged at two different heights. The central module, with a height of 35 cm, is dedicated to holding the sink, providing ample storage space for everyday items. On the sides of the central module, there are two drawers, each 17.5 cm tall, offering additional space for bathroom accessories.

To complete the furnishings, three mirrors illuminated by LED Line lamps are positioned in a surprising vertical arrangement. This lighting choice provides natural light that enhances the environment and creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. The mirrors, besides serving their practical function, also add a touch of style and design to the entire composition.

The use of high-quality materials such as evaporated oak in the veneer of the cabinet gives a natural and refined appearance to the entire composition. Evaporated oak is known for its intrinsic beauty and durability over time, making the bathroom furniture not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and of high quality.

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Dimensions: H.200 x W.230 x D.50 cm.

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18 October 2017
Bathroom furniture Bassano
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