Our history

The history of Alpemadre

Wood, water and stone.
Three elements representing the company.
Three elements that draw the horizon of our territory and compose the Italian landscape. Their combination, a sort of magic alchemy, generate our furnishing proposals.
The home became space.

Alpemadre - La nostra storia

At the beginning, to find a name to our company had become a challenge. We have spent days thinking and discarding ideas. Then a window and the need of fresh air. A quick look through the window and the solution was there: the summit of the Alpe Madre.

The name is related to the Massif of Grappa, our mountains, covered in woods and pasture.
Here we have put down roots.

Alpemadre - Monte Grappa
Alpemadre - Artigianalità

In a territory where the art of crafting a made-to-measure piece of furniture is part of a baggage of knowledge passed down towards generations.

Here, where chisels have been carving the stone for centuries.

Alpemadre - Artigianalità
Alpemadre - Legno, Acqua, Roccia

Where water erodes the soil for then re-emerge and flow through our beautiful city: Bassano del Grappa.

Just wood, water and stone. With its material and colours, nature is both inspiration and starting point for our pieces of furniture.
The product is an elegant and contemporary piece of furniture transforming your home and redefining your spaces with harmony.