Wash 07⎮2023

Wash 07⎮2023

Wash 07 2023: un’icona di stile per il tuo bagno lavanderia.

The Wash 07 laundry furniture composition is an iconic choice to furnish your laundry room. With its distinctive and captivating design, this solution combines aesthetics and functionality. The suspended base container with two soft-closing doors in a matte lacquered brown-gray finish adds an element of elegance and sophistication. The cast iron external handle provides a touch of robustness and character.

The ceramic washbasin top, Dressy, offers a durable and easy-to-clean surface, while the mirror enhances the brightness and contributes to creating a sense of space. The frame-mounted Sun lamp completes the ensemble, providing clear and pleasant illumination.

With Wash 06, you can furnish your laundry room with style and personality. This high-quality composition perfectly fits any space and offers intelligent solutions for organizing laundry areas. Whether you’re planning a laundry room under the stairs or a service bathroom with laundry functions, this composition will provide you with innovative ideas and practical solutions to make your space functional and inviting

L. 70 P. 52 H. 70+4

Laundry line
12 July 2023
- Wash 2023
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