WASH 05⎮2023

WASH 05⎮2023

WASH 05⎮2023: the epitome of form and substance.

Composition 05 of WASH 2023 features two suspended bases: one with a fixed front and two doors, and the other with two doors, both adorned with a refined premium lava elm finish. This solution provides dedicated storage for the washer and dryer, integrating functionality and style into a single furnishing.

This composition represents a true artistic masterpiece that surprises, finding its place in an often overlooked area of the house: the laundry room. Even this room deserves attention and a design that enhances its value, and Alpemadre does so masterfully by offering a high-quality finish that will not go unnoticed. The sink top is made of geotech material and features a convenient washboard and a shallow overflow. The mirror is backlit, creating a welcoming and functional atmosphere.

This composition can be customized according to your needs and project. Feel free to request further information right away.

L. 70+70+100 P.37 – 70 H.70 – 200

Laundry line
10 July 2023
- Wash 2023
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