WASH 04⎮2023

WASH 04⎮2023

WASH 04⎮2023; the laundry furniture of the future, along with a design that never ceases to amaze.

Disarming simplicity, combined with a laundry design that embodies classicism with a premium champagne soft finish. The fourth composition of WASH 2023 makes your laundry room unique, as it is furniture capable of adapting even to small domestic spaces, capturing the attention of those who have a keen eye for it. One word: precision.

Precision in style and purpose. The sink top with a washboard and overflow is made with geotech, a durable material capable of overcoming everyday challenges. Experience bathroom and laundry furniture with functionality and efficiency, without ever neglecting aesthetics and elegance. Completing the composition is a square mirror, with a framed sun lamp.

Furnish your laundry room with Alpemadre. Request information now.

L. 90+77 P. 70 H. 70 – 200


Laundry line
10 July 2023
- Wash 2023
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