WASH 03⎮2023

WASH 03⎮2023

WASH 032023

WASH 032023; maximum functionality combined with design for your laundry room.

Alpemadre laundry furniture offers not only functionality but also captivating styles and innovations. Just like in the third composition of WASH 2023: the matte lacquered blue-green finish of the wheeled laundry basket and wall unit adds elegance to your laundry bathroom, creating a pleasant and relaxing environment. The space is organized in a way that allows you to store laundry products and accessories in the two spacious drawers, keeping everything within reach.

With WASH 2023, you can transform your dedicated washing space into a practical and fashionable area. The furniture in the third composition seamlessly blends with your style and meets your organizational needs. Make your laundry room a functional and welcoming space with our high-quality laundry furniture. The structure that houses the basket and appliances has a thickness of 6 cm, while the premium opal lime finish adds a touch of sophistication and sleekness to the composition.

Experience your laundry room without worries, with a functional design that never tires. Request information now about the proposals for Alpemadre laundry solutions.

Laundry line
10 July 2023
- Wash 2023
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