WASH 01⎮2023

WASH 01⎮2023

WASH 01⎮2023

WASH 01⎮2023; the minimalist and complete design for the modern laundry.

The laundry composition 01 by Wash 2023, with its modern and elegant design, includes a base container with two doors, an appliance holder with drawers on wheels, a washbasin countertop, a mirror, and a lamp.

The finishes are premium, made of high-quality antique oak. The appliance holder container is 6cm thick, with a delicate soft night green color. The external L-shaped handle is made of cast iron, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip.

The furniture top is enhanced with a Geatech washbasin, equipped with a practical washboard and an overflow drain. This laundry sink is perfect for efficiently managing your washing needs. Additionally, we have included sun-shaped mirrors and a frame-mounted lamp, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your laundry space.

l. 70+132 w. 70 h. 70-56

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Laundry line
10 July 2023
- Wash 2023
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