PLANO 03⎮2019

PLANO 03⎮2019

Plano 03 2019: Even in the bathroom, the warmth and scent of wood.

This bathroom furnishing proposal is a perfect blend of the warmth of wood and the refinement of ceramics. The harmonious combination of these two materials creates a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere in the bathroom, providing a space of pure pleasure and well-being.

Ceramics and wood are two natural materials with a long tradition, originating from the earth and trees. This combination creates a sense of balance and harmony, imparting an aura of naturalness and simplicity to the environment.

The oil-finished vintage oak under-sink top is the heart of this composition. With its bark-effect edge, the top adds a touch of naturalness and authenticity, celebrating the timeless beauty of wood. Oak is a highly fashionable material, appreciated for its durability and timeless elegance.

The ensemble is completed by a suspended cabinet, which adds an extra countertop to expand the available space and ensure order and practicality. This suspended cabinet blends perfectly with the oak under-sink top, creating a harmonious and functional composition.

To add a touch of magic and refinement, the backlit mirror complements the bathroom furnishing. This mirror provides soft and enveloping lighting, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom.

Alpemadre, with its focus on the environment and sustainability, uses FSC-certified woods. This certification ensures that the woods come from responsibly managed forests, adhering to environmental, social, and economic standards.

Dimensions: H.200 x L.140 x D.50 cm

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2 October 2017
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