PLANO 10⎮2022

PLANO 10⎮2022

Plano 10: Drawing inspiration from nature to experience the bathroom with ultimate design.

Plano 10⎮2022 | Alpemadre Bathroom Furnishings

Composition 10 of Plano 22 is an excellent combination of style, elegance, and material quality. Each element has been carefully selected to create a harmonious ensemble that captures attention and adds a touch of originality and sophistication.

The single-drawer matte deep black lacquered base unit is the centerpiece of this composition. Its matte finish gives a sophisticated and contemporary look, while the deep black color adds a touch of elegance and mystery. The solid and high-quality structure ensures durability and functionality over time, while the single drawer offers storage space for personal belongings or accessories.

The black 37° grip handle is a prominent detail in this composition. With its elegant and minimalist design, it seamlessly integrates with the black finish of the unit, creating a fascinating contrast. The choice of black for the handle adds a touch of modernity and sophistication, completing the overall look of the space.

The solid wood barrique antique countertop basin with a bark effect edge for the “batocio” marble basin in rosa asiago finish is a precious element. The barrique antique solid wood gives a rustic and authentic look, providing a sense of warmth and naturalness to the environment. The bark effect edge adds a touch of originality and personality, while the rosa asiago marble basin offers timeless elegance.

The backlit mirror cloe with a white fenix frame is a decorative element with a striking visual impact. The white fenix frame gives a modern and clean look to the mirror, while the backlighting creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the surrounding space. The mirror not only serves a practical function but also becomes a distinctive design element that adds a touch of luxury and style.

The wall-mounted Atria mixer tap in glossy black completes the ensemble with style and functionality. With its modern and glossy design, it seamlessly integrates with the other elements in the composition. The glossy black finish adds an elegant and sophisticated look, adding a touch of luxury to the space. The quality of the materials used ensures durability and reliability over time.

Dimension: L.40/70 O.50 H. 25+5+40

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23 May 2023
Plano 2022
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