PLANO 09⎮2022

PLANO 09⎮2022

Plano 09: Drawing inspiration from nature to experience the bathroom with ultimate design.

PLANO 09/2022 | Alpemadre Bathroom Furnishings

The composition of this space is a true triumph of elegance and style, with meticulous attention to detail and an impeccable selection of high-quality materials. Every element, from the cabinets to the handles, from the countertop basin to the mirror, down to the mixer tap, contributes to creating a stunning environment.

The focal point of this composition is the combination of double-basket and door units in light matte ivory lacquer, complemented by the single-door wall cabinets in light matte ivory lacquer and the graphite premium module. This combination of colors and finishes creates a harmonious contrast, giving the space a sophisticated look. The baskets and doors offer ample storage capacity, ensuring functionality without compromising aesthetics.

The push & pull handles are a prominent detail in this composition. With their seamless and minimalist design, they seamlessly integrate into the surfaces of the furniture, adding elegance and practicality. These handles allow for opening and closing drawers and cabinets without compromising the clean and streamlined look of the environment.

The gray bromo fenix countertop basin with a glossy white ceramic sho basin represents an element of great refinement. The gray bromo fenix offers a durable, antibacterial, and silky touch surface, while the glossy white ceramic sho basin adds a touch of luxury and purity. This combination of materials gives the space a modern and sophisticated look, while the functionality of the basin ensures a comfortable and practical user experience.

The backlit mirror with an aluminum frame and frontal perimeter lighting is a decorative element with a striking visual impact. The aluminum frame adds a touch of modernity and lightness to the mirror, while the frontal perimeter lighting creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the surrounding space. This mirror not only serves a practical function but also becomes a decorative element of great aesthetic value.

The wall-mounted mixer tap from the satin mira collection completes the ensemble with style and functionality. With its modern and satin finish design, it seamlessly integrates with the other elements present in the composition. The quality of the materials used ensures durability and reliability over time, while its minimalist aesthetics add a touch of elegance to the space.

Dimension: L.70+25+70/35 P.50/21 H.70+18/35+35 cm.

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23 May 2023
Plano 2022
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