PLANO 07⎮2022

PLANO 07⎮2022

Plano 07: The constant pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

PLANO 07/2022 | Alpemadre Bathroom Furnishings

Welcome to the epitome of bathroom furnishings, where design meets emotion to create a truly exceptional experience of beauty and functionality. This breathtaking bathroom furniture composition takes you on a journey through the nuances of titanium linen, bronze linen, and silver linen, harmoniously combined to envelop you in a sense of serenity and refinement.

The three premium single-drawer bases gently alternate, akin to notes in a symphony, captivating the heart with their grace and precision. The 37° cast iron handle is like a warm embrace, inviting you to discover the practicality of a secure and functional touch.

The gres+ washbasin top, with its pearl Savoy stone finish, evokes the essence of nature, transporting you to a dimension of tranquility. The integrated basin seems to blend seamlessly with the horizon of the top, bestowing harmony upon your bathroom and your soul.

Accompanying this creation of beauty is a simple round mirror, akin to a window to your inner world. It reflects the love for details, captivating gazes and souls with its purity and simplicity.

The brunito vega lamp, with its testa di moro balloton glass, gently illuminates the atmosphere, adding an intimate and enveloping touch. Thus, every single element of this composition conveys emotions that transcend mere furniture, creating an ambiance of well-being and pleasure.

Indulge in this treasure of elegance and passion to transform your bathroom into a haven of serenity and wonder, where every day, you wake up immersed in an embracing dream.

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23 May 2023
Plano 2022
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