MOX 02⎮2021

MOX 02⎮2021

MOX 02 2021; fast, modern, elegant, and practical bathroom design. Alpemadre.

Mox 02 2021 is the ready-to-deliver bathroom furnishing composition you are looking for if you want a high-style bathroom decor without compromising on material quality and innovative, functional performance.

In this version 02, the monoblock is designed with two spacious drawers and a console in ceramic or mineral marble. An epitome of style and functionality for those who desire the utmost from their bathroom space without having to wait too long. With a modern and elegant design, these furnishing solutions offer a high-level experience, combining aesthetics and practicality into a single element.

Keep everything within reach and enjoy a bathroom that remains tidy at all times. Space is abundant, as is the sophistication of forms and materials: the ceramic or mineral marble console adds refinement and uniqueness without any compromises.

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Dimensions: H.200 x L.240 x D.70 cm

Bathroom furniture line
2 December 2021
Bathroom furniture MOX
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