MAAG 03⎮2022


MAAG 03⎮2022

MAAG 03⎮2022; metal and wood for the bathroom of tomorrow.

Maag 03 2022 represents the future of bathroom furnishings, thanks in part to a solid foundation of furniture tradition: Bassanese. Alpemadre furniture needs no introduction, but Maag breaks the balance with new refinements and elegance. New lines and materials that aspire to be at the top of the range.

The key lies in the combination of different metal finishes with wooden designs. Not just a touch of warmth and authenticity for the approaching future, but the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The inherent beauty of the materials you expect from your exclusive bathroom, combined with meticulous attention to details and impeccable, highly customizable finishes.

Maag 03 represents the perfect synergy of clean lines and elegant curves. The interplay of solids and voids gives a sense of lightness and dynamism to the overall composition. It is a customizable project tailored to all types of environments where a unique, bold, and unmistakable tone is desired: from public spaces to the bathrooms and bedrooms of our private homes.

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25 May 2023
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