MAAG 02⎮2022


MAAG 02⎮2022

Maag 02 2022: The interpretation of a bathroom furnishing inspired by the future.

Maag 02 by Initium is conceived as a futuristic interpretation of bathroom furniture, anticipating the trends and needs of modern and future spaces. The concept of the bathroom of the future is embodied in every detail, from the soft-close tip-on bluemotion drawers and doors, emphasizing attention to detail and user comfort.

Maag is the ultimate game changer in bathroom furnishing, a true expression of futuristic and visionary design. The pinnacle of elegance and functionality, it offers a bathroom environment where each piece is the result of in-depth research into materials and styles capable of creating new atmospheres, anticipating the near future.

Maag 02 represents the essence of minimalist and essential bathroom furniture of the future. Relax and immerse yourself in an exclusive environment dedicated to your search for innovation and concreteness. Request information now on our contact page.

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25 May 2023
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