ESSENTIA 05⎮2022


ESSENTIA 05⎮2022

Essentia 05 2023; the bathroom sink that becomes a design piece itself.

The heart of this revolutionary composition is the sink, a standout element for its design, practicality, and functionality. Inside, there is a supporting platform with its iconic cylindrical shape that extends below the surface, creating a new paradigm of interior design. A combination of clean lines and sinuous curves make Essentia 05 by Initium a true testament to minimalism and modernity, taking your bathroom decor to a new level of elegance and contemporaneity.

Alpemadre, with Essentia 05 2022, aims to bring bathroom decor into the future and avant-garde, thanks to uncompromising interior design. Initium perfectly embodies this vision, offering solutions that harmoniously integrate into any space.

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25 May 2023
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