ESSENTIA 04⎮2022


ESSENTIA 04⎮2022

Essentia 04, 2022: Bathroom furnishings for those who desire the future.

What can make bathroom furnishings iconic? It is the value that shines through lines and shapes that go beyond contemporaneity and tradition, reaching unique and unrepeatable interior design solutions.

Essentia 04 by Initium is iconic both in its essence and its representation. It represents a design and realization idea for those who desire a cutting-edge bathroom environment: luxury and refinement are important notes but in the background. In this furnishing composition, there is something more, something that convinces even the most critical eye.

Lines and shapes that create a captivating and intriguing atmosphere; elegance and contemporaneity based on the highest quality of materials used. An innovative and sophisticated bathroom design, perfect for making the bathroom a cornerstone of one’s high-quality interior decor. Inquire now for information from our designers.

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25 May 2023
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