ESSENTIA 03⎮2022


ESSENTIA 03⎮2022

Essentia 03, 2022: The value of solid oak applied to freestanding design.

The composition of Essentia 03, 2022, excels in the field of interior design, where the use of rectangular and oblong solid oak surfaces has become a prominent feature in the bathrooms and bedrooms of modern homes. These solid wood surfaces bring timeless elegance and a natural touch to living spaces, providing warmth and refinement to both classic and contemporary environments.

The bathroom furnishings of the past and future come together as the use of these solid oak surfaces showcases the beauty of living wood—a material that is skilled, versatile, and inherently sustainable. This significant interior design is also eco-friendly, bringing a sense of naturalness and authenticity to your bathroom decor. It creates a modern ambiance while keeping tradition as its guiding thread.

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25 May 2023
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