ESSENTIA 01⎮2022


ESSENTIA 01⎮2022

Essentia 01 2022, the time of the essential.

In the world of interior design, Essentia 01 represents the bathroom furniture of the future, a surprising and innovative evolution that many have been waiting for to enjoy a sense of timeless originality. Functionality and minimalist aesthetics are guaranteed in the Essentia 01 furnishing composition, which has gained increasing popularity, transforming the most demanding bathroom spaces into oases of modern and refined elegance.

One of its distinctive elements is the “free-standing” concept, where sanitary fixtures and accessories are designed to be independent and self-supporting, creating a sense of lightness and spaciousness. This approach liberates objects from the constraint of walls, allowing for a dynamic organization of elements within the space, resulting in a visually pleasing and functional environment.

As for the materials used, Essentia by Initium combines tradition with the most exclusive modernity, incorporating ceramics, techlux, metal, and marble. It is a furnishing collection that can bring out the best in any ambitious furnishing desire.

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25 May 2023
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