BASSANO 12⎮2018

BASSANO 12⎮2018

Bassano 12 2018: beauty becomes mobile for the bathroom.

Bassano 12 2018 | Alpemadre Collections

The bathroom furnishing proposal of Bassano 12 stands out for its careful attention to detail and the harmonious combination of finishes, which is essential to give your living space the value it deserves.

The juxtaposition of matte white with American walnut gives personality to the environment, creating a welcoming atmosphere without burdening it with unnecessary elements.

The cabinet with the top serves a dual purpose, providing both a practical support for the sink and a design element. The sink itself is available in two different materials, Colortech and Techmatt, which offer the possibility to choose custom colors, perfectly in tune with the cabinet’s finishes. This flexibility of choice allows adapting the furnishings to individual preferences and tastes.

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Dimensions: H.200 x W.270 x D.50 cm.

Bathroom furniture line
18 October 2017
Bathroom furniture Bassano
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