BASSANO 07⎮2018

BASSANO 07⎮2018

BASSANO 07 2018: natural, a Nordic-style bathroom furnishing.

Bassano 07 2018 | Alpemadre Collections

Alpemadre’s interior designers always propose furnishing solutions to amaze and make your bathroom special.

Composition 7 Bassano focuses on three main elements, aiming to offer a functional and captivating design for your bathroom decor: two under-sink units with drawers and a central storage unit. This solution allows you to enjoy a double sink, offering distinct personal spaces even if you have only one bathroom in your home.

Functionality is just one of the advantages of this bathroom furniture set. Each under-sink unit is carefully crafted. The structure of these units is visible thanks to the exposed edge, revealing the elegant multilayer birch wood veneered with vintage oak veneer. This combination of materials provides a feeling of warmth and authenticity to your bathroom, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere. Unforgettable.

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Dimensions: H.200 x W.140 x D.50 cm.

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17 October 2017
Bathroom furniture Bassano
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