BASSANO 06⎮2018

BASSANO 06⎮2018

BASSANO 06 2018: linearity beyond conventions for bathroom furnishings.

BASSANO Composition 6 | Alpemadre Collections

With Alpemadre furniture collections, you can transform your bathroom into an elegant and well-organized space with a furnishing proposal based on three main elements: two drawer under-sink units and a central storage unit.

We have combined a first drawer under-sink unit with a second wall-mounted unit to create a unique and personalized atmosphere in your bathroom. This combination of furniture offers ample storage capacity for everyday items, allowing you to keep everything at your fingertips without sacrificing style.

The wall-mounted cabinet, positioned on the wall, combines open modules with a hinged door version with a soft-close feature, creating a captivating contrast with the finishes of the under-sink units. The mix of vintage oak and lacquering adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the overall decor of your bathroom.

To add a touch of natural light and create a charming atmosphere, we suggest installing the Euclide hexagonal lamp. With an incredibly slim thickness of just 1.2 cm, this lamp illuminates the space naturally, creating the feeling of reflecting under an open sky.

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Dimensions: H.200 x W.105 x D.50 cm.

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17 October 2017
Bathroom furniture Bassano
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