Alpemadre Finishes

A wide selection of options to personalize your bathroom furniture.


Are you looking to add a modern and contemporary touch to your bathroom?

Choosing the right finish is essential.

Alpemadre furniture collections can completely transform the look of your bathroom, making it elegant, functional, and trendy. On this page, you will find all the Alpemadre finishes, first divided by collection and then by material. You will discover the best finishing options for your bathroom, offering you an overview of exclusive colors, materials, and bathroom coatings, all strictly made in Italy.

For example, for the BASSANO 2018 collection, you can find premium laminates, gres+, colortech, techmat, and stonetech finishes. For PLANO 2022, you can choose to decorate your bathroom with HPL, Solid Wood, Mineralmarmo, and Lacquered finishes. For WASH 2023, you have the possibility to personalize your furniture with Premium Laminates, Lacquered finishes, and Geotech.

Alpemadre offers several options to personalize your home bathroom. From clean and minimalist lines to bold and innovative details, you can find a wide range of styles that adapt to any interior design. With a modern and sleek design, Alpemadre bathroom furniture can perfectly coexist in any setting, adding originality and solidity.

Choosing the perfect finish for your modern and contemporary bathroom is an important step in creating your perfect home style.

Finishes by Collection