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Alpemadre is the brand that redefines the art of bathroom and laundry furnishings, bringing the inspiration of nature into your home and your new interior design project. We are proud to present all our high-end bathroom collections in this space, which come to life from the majestic forms and captivating colors of Monte Grappa, the Alpemadre that inspires us.

For a design professional, it is important to offer end customers unique and innovative solutions. Our collections are born to amaze, to be original, designed with a careful eye for beauty and functionality, with details that capture the essence of nature in every piece. Every element, from the shapes to the finishes to the accessories, is crafted with precious materials that guarantee beauty, exclusivity, and style. With Alpemadre, you can transform your interior design project into something unique.

Alpemadre also seeks to inspire those who simply wish to redefine and renovate their bathroom. Its furnishing collections offer a wide range of options, from clean and minimalist lines to organic shapes that recall the beauty of nature. You can choose from a variety of washbasins, faucets, mirrors, and bathroom furniture that suit your tastes and needs. You can create your own personal oasis of tranquility in your living space.

Alpemadre’s philosophy is based on design, innovation, and respect for the environment. Each product is made with sustainable materials and production processes that minimize environmental impact. For example, we hold FSC certifications, ensuring that our production materials come from responsibly managed forests. By choosing Alpemadre, you will not only have a bathroom with exceptional design but also contribute to the safeguarding of our planet.

Explore now our collections. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs and to answer all your questions.

WASH 2023

The new 2023 laundry collection by Alpemadre.
New shapes and lines for the most captivating laundry furnishing collection of the moment. WASH 2023 is the direct evolution of design and functionality concepts for a home environment that is often underestimated but can become a design model for the modern laundry room that aims to excel.

PLANO 2022

Meno, meglio, l’essenziale.
F The collection 2022 at Alpemadre. The evolution of Alpemadre that never ceases to amaze. It continues to create furnishing compositions that give your bathroom the exclusive space it deserves.
PLANO 01⎮2019


Meno, meglio, l’essenziale.
Just wood, water and stone. With its material and colours, nature is both inspiration and starting point for our pieces of furniture. The product is an elegant and contemporary piece of furniture transforming your home and redefining your spaces with harmony.
Bassano Composizione 1 | Collezioni Alpemadre


Meno, meglio, l’essenziale.
In the digital age of “everything at once”, the MOX collection is the quick answer in designer bathroom furniture. The types and sizes available, in addition to the column units and accessories, make a complete and responsive range to the most varied needs of space, while the melamine proposal offers elegant solutions in the various finishes: touch white, touch cobble and evoked oak.
MOX 03⎮2021


Meno, meglio, l’essenziale.
Steel complete the Alpemadre collections (Plano – Bassano) with the Steel structures in anodized aluminum. They can be dressed only with tops or they can also contain bases to contain the furniture. Furthermore, columns with a height of 160 are available, which can have back and shelves in Essenza, Melaminico, Laccato finish, or they can house the wall units already present in the Plano and Bassano models.