WASH 2023

WASH 2023

The Design Laundry of tomorrow

“Laundry is one of the daily rituals that reminds us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and the objects that surround us.”

#WASH 2023: We wanted it. We desired it. And now, we are pleased to announce it.

Welcome to the space dedicated to our new laundry furniture collection: WASH 2023! With these compositions, you can transform your laundry space into an elegant and functional home environment, thanks to modern, functional furniture designs capable of adapting to and enhancing any type of setting. Whether you are looking for a washer and dryer cabinet, an elegant laundry bathroom, or a unit with concealed doors, Alpemadre, with its new dedicated collection, can meet your needs.

WASH laundry furniture is designed to offer style, design, and functionality all at once. Whether it’s laundry room furnishings, laundry bathrooms, or laundry area designs, you will find a wide selection of solutions suitable for your taste in decor, including fold-away solutions and closed laundry cabinets.

In addition to washer and dryer cabinets, the new WASH collection also provides covers for washers and dryers that contribute to keeping your space tidy and well-organized. WASH furniture is designed to seamlessly integrate with your bathroom decor, offering continuity of style and functionality to both areas.

Whether you have a large or small laundry room, our laundry furniture compositions are highly customizable to fit your space and taste requirements. The WASH furniture collection brings forth many modern proposals for concealed washer units, washer and dryer tower units, or cabinets for washers and dryers. Browse through the compositions and the new catalog, and you will find modern, versatile, and high-quality solutions.

Explore WASH 2023 to discover a new idea of laundry room furniture that will help beautify your home environment while organizing and optimizing the space dedicated to cleaning and order. With this new collection from Alpemadre, the laundry room is no longer just a service area but becomes a welcoming and functional space that perfectly integrates with your home decor.

Making it unique and special.