Plano 2022

Plano 2022: the evolution of Alpemadre

To continue excelling

Plano 2022: simple, evident freedom.

With this collection, Alpemadre renews the freedom of being in today’s and tomorrow’s bathroom furnishing. It provides the opportunity to enter a space and perceive one’s own dimension, with the chance to express oneself by organizing the bathroom environment with different resources and multiple combinations, while maintaining a common focus: Italian design.

Structure, modularity, finishes, materials. In Plano 2022, it becomes possible to design any type of modern environment, according to the measure and concept that best represents us.

Experience and artisanal craftsmanship endure as the foundations of technical innovation and provide an impetus in the search for new projects, forms, and collaborations. A selection of proposals inspired by contemporary design, combined with the manufacturing tradition that has always characterized our collections.

Despite the wide range of choices, the Plano 2022 collection always maintains a strong focus on Italian design. The excellence of Italian design is renowned worldwide for its refinement, attention to detail, and innovation. Alpemadre is committed to keeping these characteristics at the heart of the Plano collection, offering timeless design that combines style and elegance.

Entering a space furnished with the Plano 2022 collection is a unique experience. Every element has been designed to meet both practical and aesthetic needs, creating an environment that invites serenity and beauty. Clean lines, ergonomic shapes, and high-quality finishes combine to create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

Driven by the ongoing evolution of sustainable aesthetics, Plano 2022 aims to make the comfort of experiencing the bathroom efficient in engaging sensory pleasure. Inspired by nature, by us.