Initium 2022


The bathroom furniture line that heralds the future.

Essentia, Maag e Fuorilinea

Initium, the bathroom furniture line of the future.

Initium is the revolutionary bathroom furniture line that aims to redefine the very concept of design and functionality in the bathroom space. Blending futuristic aesthetics with high-quality materials, Initium represents an unparalleled experience of luxury, design, and comfort.

Much more than just a bathroom furniture line, Initium is an innovative furnishing concept that seeks to transform architectural spaces to a higher level. Essentia, Maag, and Fuorilinea offer cutting-edge solutions to meet the design needs of every customer.

Essentia is the soul of Initium. This monolithic element, crafted with exquisite materials and impeccable finishes, is designed to create an unprecedented visual impact. Its elegant and sculptural form harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment, transforming the bathroom into a space of pure luxury and beauty. Essentia is the epitome of craftsmanship excellence and technological innovation.

Maag represents the versatility and functionality of Initium. This modular bathroom furniture system allows for endless design solutions, perfectly adapting to any space and style. With a wide range of modular elements and customization options, Maag enables the realization of the bathroom of your dreams while ensuring intelligent organization and uncompromising style.

Fuorilinea is the highlight of Initium that embraces the concept of innovative design. With an intelligent combination of geometric shapes and modern materials, Fuorilinea offers a contemporary and elegant aesthetic. This bathroom furniture system allows for the exploration of new design solutions, providing a unique and personalized experience.

Initium represents the future of bathroom furniture. With Essentia, Maag, and Fuorilinea, this furniture line offers an unprecedented range of possibilities to create remarkably beautiful and functional bathroom spaces. We are excited to collaborate with architects, designers, and individuals who aspire to redefine the concept of bathroom furnishing. Only possible made to order.

Experience the future of bathroom furniture.

Initium is a custom-made collection, contact us directly to learn more.