Our history

The story of Alpemadre

The story of Alpemadre is made of nature, design, family, work, and passion.

Alpemadre is an “ancient” name that embodies solidity and beauty, an expression of a territory rich in history and charm. It carries with it the enhancement of Made in Italy and the artisan tradition of timeless furnishing products from the Bassano del Grappa region.

We skillfully work with wood and stone to provide you with the best materials available for bathroom furnishings, combining tradition with the innovation of new collections for your bathroom. Unique. Exciting. Unrepeatable. Always to be admired. A pure and clear furnishing experience, like water freshly gushing from our mountains. Clean lines and forms that go straight to the point masterfully complete the spaces.

Alpemadre is born from the trust in the future of young managers and entrepreneurs, united by the desire to create uniqueness in the high-quality bathroom furnishing sector. It develops its own bathroom furniture collections through perspectives of interior design that blend past, present, and future. Recognized and admired worldwide, it meets the needs of its clients, addressing both individuals who desire the best for their homes and design studios and architects, providing them with the services and solutions they seek for their high-quality bathroom furnishing projects.

Finding the right name had become a challenge. Days and days spent thinking and discarding ideas. Then, as it always happens, the moment that changes perception, the detail that was previously overlooked and now stands out. It takes just a little, which is everything. Just leaning out the window and taking a breath of fresh air. The gaze settles to the northeast. There, towering above, is the Alpe Madre. The massif of Monte Grappa.

Alpe Madre, our mountain, overlooks Bassano del Grappa with its sacred presence. It is a living monument, enduring through time. Alpemadre begins here, drawing inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, reconciling the quality of our daily life with the flourishing of the environment that envelops us.

The mission of Alpemadre is simple and straightforward: to create functional and reflective furnishings that decorate and enhance the home bathroom as an important space within the house. We pay attention to new trends, materials, and designs, and we are committed to continuously updating our product lines, collections, and accessories. Our goal is to provide you with the best on the market when it comes to furnishing your new bathroom.

The value of a professional collaboration that aims for the utmost result is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, interior designers, and the overall completeness of the final outcome.

Alpemadre’s bathroom furniture collections are designed to adapt to any project space and creative idea that involves the beauty, sophistication, and originality of bathroom furnishings.